In April 2017, Molongo Catchment Group convened a series of sustainable agriculture workshops, as part of the Majura Valley Festival.

Majura Valley Festival Flyer

Workshop 1

Introduction to traditional Aboriginal ‘firestick’ farming in the 21st century

Integrating traditional knowledge from ‘fire stick’ farming in Ngunawal cultural pathways with present-day monitoring of changing ecology of grasslands and woodlands. This panel discussion places local experience in the global context of 21st century small and large ‘L’ land care by exploring topics affecting regional productivity, conservation and biodiversity.


Wally Bell (Ngunawal Elder, Mulanggang Landcare Group)


Sarah Sharp (Plant Ecologist, Friends of Grasslands)


Peter Bridgewater (Chair Landcare ACT)


Workshop 2

Hydrogeology and water quality management

The character of hydrogeology affects the functioning and management of natural resources and productivity in the Majura Valley. This panel discussion looks at the functionality of past landscapes and the factors shaping present-day peri-urban and rural lands, cross-border water quality issues in the region’s catchments, and the effective management of storm water on rural properties.


John Feint (ACT Catchment Management & Water Quality Policy)


Ian Lawrence (Convener Jerrabomberra Wetlands Advisory Panel)


Wally Bell (Ngunawal Elder, Mulanggang Landcare Group)


Wayne Cook (DPI, Environmental Scientist)


Workshop 3

Landcare in practice: Riparian restoration site

This site discussion workshops issues and design options for managing an ephemeral creek on “Springfield” in the Majura Valley. Acknowledging Aboriginal cultural and rural land use perspectives the discussion focuses on addressing issues of flash flooding, erosion control, stable access for cattle, while retaining water in the system for improved productivity. This site discussion marks the beginning of a long-term project on “Springfield”.


Peter Hazell (The Mulloon Institute)

Donna Hazell (SE Local Land Services)

Wally Bell (Ngunawal Elder, Mulanggang Landcare Group)


Workshop 4

Parkcare and the peri-urban interface

People’s perception of landscapes affects concepts of the ‘bush capital’ and influences decisions about the protection and management of reserves and rural lands. This panel discussion explores Parkcare and Rural Landcare in the context of the Majura Valley and the wider cross-border regional landscape.


Wally Bell (Ngunawal Elder, Mulanggang Landcare Group)

Mark Butz (Futures By Design consultancy, facilitation & training services)

Alison McLeod (Community Programs Coordinator ACT PCS)

Jochen Zeil (Friends of Mount Majura Parkcare)

Waltraud Pix (Friends of Mount Majura Parkcare)

Dino Jugovac (Majura Valley landholder)