Googong Township environmental stewardship project

Funded by Googong Township

A PEET Ltd, Molonglo Catchment Group and Conservation Volunteers Australia partnership project

Googong Township
Conservation Volunteers   Molonglo Catchment Group


This project focuses on facilitating environmental stewardship within the Googong Township community

Project period


Project status

In progress

Grant funding (ex GST)

Project funding (ex GST)

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2018-19 nil $23,446 $23,446

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This project contributes to the following MCG programs

  • Community engagement
  • Ecological connectivity


Googong Township

Project description


The project delivers cultural awareness, revegetation and threatened species outcomes for the community and builds on existing developer community engagement and awareness raising activities.

Googong residents will be encouraged to participate in a series on on-ground events including cultural awareness, revegetation, weed control and Pink-tailed Legless Lizard activities which focus on Montgomery Creek and the Aprasia Conservation Area.

These sites have good examples of grasslands in riparian settings which are ripe for restoration and rehabilitation activities and which also likely support local threatened species habitat.

Implementation plan

Consultation and site assessments with PEET, OEH, traditional custodians, ecologist, the Anglican School Googong and other relevant stakeholders to confirm works program.

Promotion of Schools Tree Day and National Tree Day and Googong Landcare Group

Project activities and events scheduled over a four-month period with on-ground support by MCG staff member, CVA project supervisor, CVA team leader and CVA volunteers as required (depending on number of registered local volunteers).

Specifically, the project will provide:

  • A cultural site assessment by a Ngunawal traditional custodian with MCG and CVA staff members in April/May prior to cultural tour or conservation works to ensure, suitability, WHS, and due diligence concerning potential heritage sites/artefacts for identification and reporting where required.
  • Provisional ecological site assessment with MCG and CVA staff members in April/May to ensure suitability, WHS, planting, guarding and watering and areas to avoid planting (eg pink tail worm lizard habitat). Provisional following consultation with Rob Speirs from Capital Ecology who has assessed site previously.
  • Facilitate a meaningful and engaging interpretive session for the local Googong Township community that generates interest and educates residents, to inspire them to safely volunteer on practical environmental projects.

Threatened species

Aprasia parapulchella (Pink-tailed Legless Lizard) is listed as vulnerable in NSW.

Through community engagement and habitat revegetation activities in the Googong Aprasia Conservation Area and Montgomery Creek, this project will:

  • enhance the vegetation communities via suppression of invasive species, whilst promoting endemic flora
  • increase community awareness and knowledge of threatening processes and how to mitigate them
  • increase community participation in environmental activities
  • facilitate establishment of a Landcare group

Project status and outcomes monitoring

Cultural awareness tour and traditional native food lunch

Presented by Ngunawal traditional custodian Tyrone Bell (Thunderstone Aboriginal Cultural and Land Management Services), Yurbay’s Adam Shipp and Dr Karen Williams (Molonglo Catchment Group).

The Cultural awareness tour and traditional native food lunch started from Gumnut Park and progressed along Montgomery Creek, returning to Gumnut Park for a bush tucker lunch.

The tour included Aboriginal interpretation of the landscape; bush foods; artefacts/stone tools and their traditional uses; panoramic views from Googong foreshores; information about Landcare opportunities; what to look out for when doing environmental volunteering in the area; legal requirements.

National Tree Day 2018

Schools Tree Day planting event

Friday 27 July 2018

In collaboration with the Anglican School Googong, MCG and CVA, plant some of the 700 locally-sourced tubestock.

National Tree Day planting & BBQ event

Sunday 29 July 2018

In collaboration with Queanbeyan Landcare group, PEET, MCG and CVA, plant some of the 700 locally-sourced tubestock including shrubs to encourage birds, groundcover plants (wildflowers and others) and around 10 per cent trees. Provide BBQ lunch and residents opportunity to sign up to the new Googong Landcare group. Media opportunities will be provided.

Googong National Tree Day 2018
Googong National Tree Day 2018
Googong National Tree Day 2018
Googong National Tree Day 2018
Googong National Tree Day 2018
Googong National Tree Day 2018
Googong National Tree Day 2018
Googong National Tree Day 2018
Googong National Tree Day 2018


Map of Tree Day 2018 plantings

Googong Landcare

It is envisaged that the momentum from the above events can be used to ‘kick-start’ a Googong Landcare and help foster long-term environmental engagement with local Googong residents.

2 x Follow-up watering and weed control days

CVA in collaboration with new Googong Landcare group and Queanbeyan Landcare – provide follow-up cut and daubing of identified woody weeds, hand pulling, watering and maintenance of plants and tree guards.

Weeds and Worms

Weed control & morning tea

In collaboration with Googong Landcare group, Queanbeyan Landcare group, Capital Ecology, MCG and CVA volunteers and team leader, prepare the site for planting with manual weed control with supervision of Capital Ecology. Event includes guided tour of Aprasia Conservation Area.