Riparian land recovery in Lower Molonglo Nature Reserve

Revegetation and improving ecological connectivity in the Molonglo River corridor.

Funded by the ACT Government under the 2015-16 Environment Grants program.

ACT Government


Riparian habitat restoration and ecological connectivity enhancement along the Molonglo River

Project period


Project status


Grant funding (ex GST)

Project funding (ex GST)

  Grant Cash and In-kind Total
2015-16 $34,000 $55,500 $89,500

* excludes GST

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This project contributes to the following MCG programs

  • Ecological connectivity
  • Sustainable land management


Project description

Molonglo Catchment Group received funding from the ACT Government under the 2015-16 Environment Grants program to conduct weed control and revegetation in areas of the Lower Molonglo River corridor degraded by previous livestock grazing. 

The project enhanced remnant vegetation, improved ecological linkages and increased biodiversity along approximately 10 km of the Molonglo River in areas of national environmental significance, nationally critically endangered box gum grassy woodlands. 

Over the coming decades, the revegetation project will provide substantial conservation benefit to the threatened as well as the common native species occurring in the area. The project will increase the extent of native vegetation in the Lower Molonglo River Corridor. Further, the project has improved connectivity between remnant vegetation patches, helped to reduce the erosion risk on slopes above the Molonglo River, will lead to improved river water quality due to reducing the amount of sediment entering the river and in the long term will make the area more resilient to weed infestation. Improving ecological connectivity and areas of habitat will help biodiversity (fauna and flora) and ecological communities adapt to climate change. 

Landcare outputs

National Landcare ProgrammeMolonglo Catchment Group acknowledges the funding assistance provided through the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme Regional Investment Strategy, various ACT Government environment and heritage programs, and various NSW Government programs.

  2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 TOTAL


    • Plants     39,000    
    • Hectares     67    

Weed management

    • Hectares     40    

Pest management

    • Hectares          

Erosion control

    • Actions          

Conservation grazing

    • Hectares protected          


    • Kilometres          

Endangered species

Name of endangered species

The activities undertaken enhanced habitat for several locally and nationally threatened species, including

  • Pink-tailed worm lizard
  • Superb parrot
  • Swift parrots 
  • Australian painted Ssnipe
  • Hooded robin
  • Flame robin
  • Striped legless lizard

Project status and outcomes monitoring

The project has been completed. The project conducted weed control over 40 hectares and planted 39,000 plants of mixed endemic native tree, shrub and understorey species across 67 hectares. 

Follow up actions and monitoring are being conducted by the ACT Parks and Conservation Service.